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We Who Feel Differently

In 2011 the artist Carlos Motta launched the ambitious project We Who Feel Differently – an exhibition, homepage, book, and e-journal – that addresses things at stake in contemporary queer and LGBT politics across the world. The project includes, among other things, interviews with fifty activists, academics and artists from Columbia, South Korea, Norway, and the US, and is as such a treasure trove for all of us who are engaged in transnational exchange on questions pertaining queer political ideas, struggles, and dreams.

In May 2012 Motta takes We Who Feel Differently to New York where The New Museum will function as a “hub” for further debates and discussions related to the project. I have had the pleasure of being invited to participate in a two day We Who Feel Differently: Symposium, organized by Motta and Raegan Truax at The New Museum on May 4-5.

A preliminary program is now online, and the event includes a wide range of amazing speakers and performers. Moderated by the eminent Ann Pellegrini, presenters include José Muñoz, Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad, Emily Roydson, Heather Love, E. Patrick Johnson, Tiger Howard Devore, Julian Carter, Regina Gosset and Malik Gaines.

I will give a presentation entitled “Queer Preposterousness: We Who Feel Temporally Disoriented” on Saturday 5th, addressing the theme of that day on queer memory, art, and politics. For those who cannot come to the event, all the previous interviews, texts, and material related to We Who Feel Differently is available online, and that will keep you occupied for quite some time…