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Queer feminist ‘wishful thinking’ in Fett

A new issue of the Norwegian feminist magazine Fett is out today, focusing on “humor”. My second column in this great magazine is a self-study guide to “queer feminist wishful thinking” (“ønsketenkning”).

The column is a response to the many derogatory comments in Norwegian public debate on how queer theory and criticism is merely a bunch of ‘wishful thinking’ (Knut Olav Åmås, et al). Picking up this disparaging phrase, I argue that an important motor behind queer feminist critique is precisely its wish to think better – and do better.

Writing up against the ubiquitousness of a pragmatic discourse of quick and easy answers within gender and sexual political discussion in the mainstream in Norway, I attempt to reclaim the importance of utopian (or nowtopian) ‘wishful thinking’, drawing on a diverse and heterogenous crowd of queer and feminist visionaries including Shulamith Firestone, José Munoz, Nina Power, Lilian Munk Rösing, and Jill Dolan…

Norway need more weird and visionary queer feminisms! That is at least my wishful thinking…

Queerfeministisk gledesdreping i Fett

A new issue of the Norwegian feminist magazine Fett is out today on the International Women’s Day. The issue looks really great with lots of good feminist stuff. I am honored to have a new column in this great feminist magazine, and my first text is a self study course in how-to-become-a-queer-feminist-killjoy entitled, “Selvstudiekurs i queerfeministisk gledesdreping”.

The text is written in homage to feminists who have learned me about the importance of ‘killing joy’: Sara Ahmed, Audre Lorde and Jamaica Kincaid – heroines of mine that I want to propagate in every way I can. If one could just have a little bit of their fierceness, wit, and intelligence, then things would be much better. I hope you all have a great and angry March 8!