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Article on Elmgreen og Dragset

Last year I wrote a longer article on Elmgreen and Dragset’s large exhibition project The Collectors at the 53. Venice biennial. The text was published in the beautiful Swedish book Drömbyggen [Dreamhouse], edited by Annelie Kurttila (Stockholm: Arkitekturmuseet, 2009) and carries the title “Perfekte sammenbrudd: Begjær og teatralitet i Elmgreen og Dragsets The Collectors” [Perfect Breakdown: Desire and Theatricality in Elmgreen and Dragset’s The Collectors].

Since the distribution of the book have been rather marginal, at least outside of Sweden, I have just made the text available here on my new homepage (designed by CYF). So, for all you Norwegian readers out there – here is my thoughts on the “Perfekte sammenbrudd” in Elmgreen and Dragset’s The Collectors.