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Article on Al Masson

I have written an article on the French/Danish artist Al Masson‘s installations which is published in the anthology Talende bilder: Tekster om kunst og visuell kultur (Bergen: Scandinavian Academic Press, 2010). The article is entitled “Et dykk ned i følelsesarkivet: Al Massons reiseobjekter,” which in English would read something along the lines of “Delving Into the Archive of Feelings: Al Masson’s Travel(ing) Objects”.

In the article I perform an extended reading of Al Masson’s installations of and performances with found plastic objects, focusing especially on his fantastic exhibition Magasin (2008). In order to find a language for my erotic investment in Masson’s fragile and ephemeral plastic assemblages, I turn to affect theory and queer theory – from Tomkins to Deleuze/Guattari, Ernst van Alphen to Ann Cvetkovich.

The text deals with desire in art encounters as well as scholarly work; it discusses bad (or, rather, perversely good) object-choices and the erotics of queer archives – following up my writings on these matters in Lost and Found. Masson’s work is something to look into: here is a taste of one of his objects:

Al Masson: Object No 1297643, 1999.

A (very positive) review of the book can be found in Billedkunst.