New Job

A new year, new opportunities. In the fall of 2012 I took up a part-time position as Art Theorist at the fantastic Funen Art Academy in Odense, while also teaching as an adjunct lecturer at University of Copenhagen. I have really loved my job at the Academy. The intimacy of the Academy has provided a fantastic framework for teaching and discussing art, politics, theory, history, and more with the amazing art students there. But life as a part time lecturer is unfortunately not really sustainable long term.

This week, on February 3, I started a new job as a full time Postdoc researcher at the section for Art History in the Department for Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen. When I started this Monday, I got the keys to my new office and these beautiful flowers from my Head of Department. This will be my home for the next four years, first as Postdoc researcher, and from this fall and on, as an Assistant Professor in Art History.

I have been so fortunate to receive an amazing scholarship from the Danish Independent Research Council for my new research project “Colorblind? Theorizing Race in Danish Visual Arts and Performance”, that I’m starting working on this spring. On top of this research grant, the Danish Independent Research Council also awarded me the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Research’s “Sapere Aude Research Talent Grant,” at a very formal ceremony at Glyptoteket yesterday, with the Crown Princess Mary and the Minister of Research, Sofie Carsten Nielsen. Quite an experience. I have been allowed to combine my Postdoc grants with my Assistant Professor position, so I should have the very best conditions to finally start writing and thinking again after having been in total teaching mode for quite some time. Exciting!

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