PhD Defense, January 29 & 30 at University of Bergen

I will be defending my PhD thesis Touching History: Art, Performance, and Politics in Queer Times on Wednesday January 30 at 9.30 at the University of Bergen, Norway. After years of research I am looking forward to defending my thesis and celebrate the culmination of my time as a student.

A PhD defense is quite an elaborate public affair in Norway, as it stretches across two days. Here is some information about the program for those who might be interested in attending the event.

* January 29, 2013, at 16.30: Trial lecture for PhD degree on a given topic in Auditorium B, Sydneshaugen skole, University of Bergen, Sydnesplass 9. (The evaluation committee of my disseration has given me a topic two weeks in advance that I have to prepare a one hour public lecture on).

Topic: Hayden White long ago called attention to the fact that “history” is bound by the paradox of fact and fiction, because it is literary (Metahistory: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-century Europe, 1973). More recently he has affirmed that history itself situates us in a paradox: “We are left therefore in a paradoxical situation in which we must affirm at one and the same time our determination by history and our freedom from it” (“War and Peace: Against Historical Realism” 2007). Using Hayden White’s quotes as a backdrop, define, extend and illustrate the term “Queer Paradoxology”. And, as a supplement, discuss whether or not the “performative” is a way to write history while freeing ourselves from it.

* January 30, 2013, at 09.30-13.30
: PhD defense in the auditorium at Bryggens Museum – Bymuseet i Bergen, Dreggsallmenningen 3, 5835 Bergen.

1st opponent, Rebecca Schneider (Brown University, USA)

2nd opponent, Carol Mavor (University of Manchester, UK)

The evaluation committee is lead by Ellen Mortensen, University of Bergen.

(The PhD defense starts with a fifteen minute presentation by me. Following this, each of the two opponents have one hour to question and discuss my project with me in front of the audience.)

A press release about the dissertation is available at the University of Bergen’s homepage.


On Friday February 1 between 15-17, I’m giving a public lecture at Copenhagen University about my dissertation. The lecture “Touching History: Art, Performance, and Politics in Queer Times” will be held in building 23, 4th floor, room 39 at KUA, Emil Holms Kanal (se map here).

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