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New article: ‘The Trouble with Straight Time’ – and other sticky happenings

The anthology Performing Archives/Archives of Performance, edited by Rune Gade and Gunhild Borggreen is just out from Museum Tusculaneum Press. I have an article in it about the film installation N.O. Body (2008) by Renate Lorenz and Pauline Boudry called “The Trouble with Straight Time.” I am quite honored to have my text in company of work by scholars such as Amelia Jones, Heike Roms, Tracy Davis, and many many others.

This is how the publisher presents the book on their homepage:

Performing Archives/Archives of Performance contributes to the ongoing critical discussions of performance and its disappearance, of the ephemeral and its reproduction, of archives and mediatized recordings of liveness. The many contributions by excellent scholars and artists from a broad range of interdisciplinary fields as well as from various locations in research geographies demonstrate that despite the extensive discourse on the relationship between performance and the archive, inquiry into the productive tensions between ephemerality and permanence is by no means outdated or exhausted. New ways of understanding archives, history, and memory emerge and address theories of enactment and intervention, while concepts of performance constantly proliferate and enable a critical focus on archival residue. The contributions in Performing Archives/Archives of Performance cover philosophical inquiries as well as discussions of specific art works, performances, and archives.

If you happen to be in San Francisco or the Bay Area next week, I will be participating in a roundtable discussion at the book release on June 27 between 15.30-17.3o at Stanford University during the Performance Studies international #19 conference.


During PSi at Stanford University, I will also be giving a paper on Friday June 29 in the Old Union Second Floor Men’s Room (!) in the panel-party “We Need To Talk About Semen” that I have organized with Katie Brewer Ball, Johanna Lindsey, and Benjamin Haber. My paper is entitled “History in a Cup: Matt Wolf’s Smalltown Boys and the Artificial Reproduction of Queer Activism”… and I hope our panel will turn out to be ripe with sticky thoughts!