Trashing Dance Theatre Journal

I’m really looking forward to the new issue of Dance Theatre Journal on trash, edited by Owen G. Parry and João Florêncio. As part of the ‘trash team’ of the research project Performance Matters, I have been lucky to follow the development of this issue – and I am so happy that my article “This Performance Stinks: dunst and the Politics of Arrested Development” has been included.

This is what the editors write about the issue:

This special issue of Dance Theatre Journal is a dedicated and rigorous exploration of Trash in art, performance, work, and club culture. It features interviews with performance star and living-legend Penny Arcade, club performer Mouse, sex worker and activist Thierry Schaffauser, plus articles exploring the work of John Sex, Danish collective dunst, Club Wotever, wasted works, contaminated performances and the ‘lowest form of performance’ – living street sculptures. Forms of trashy articulation including soap box articles, TV Chat Shows and Tabloid Newspapers interrupt and compliment more formal essays and interviews in this special issue!

Contributors include: Augusto Corrieri, Bryony Kimmings, Eirini Kartsaki, Johanna Linsley, Lisa Wesley, Lorena Rivero de Beer, Marcia Farquhar, Marianne Mulvey, Mathias Danbolt, Oriana Fox, R. Justin Hunt, Rachel Lois Clapham, Season Butler, Tero Nahua, The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein, Vikki Chalklin.

If you are in London on October 25 at 18.00, pop by Toynbee Studios (28 Commercial Lane) for the release party and get a copy!

But it might be a good idea to come to Toynbee’s earlier on that Tuesday to experience the Trash Salon running between 14.00-18.00 where many of us DTJ-contributers will be performing. I’m gonna do a text-performance entitled “Getting Trashed: Scraps from the Dustbin of History”…

The Trash Salon kickstarts the week of Trashing Performance Public Programme which will make London quite a lot filthier:

Whereas the Trash Salon on Tuesday the 25th is free, the Trashing Performance events taking place later on in the week is ticketed. But I can assure you it will be worth the money, as you get the chance to hear people like Lauren Berlant, José Munoz, Vaginal Davis, Jennifer Doyle, Louis Weaver, Bird la Bird, Mel Brimfield, Gavin Butt, David Hoyle, Oreet Ashery, etc etc etc. See you there!

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