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Queerfeministisk gledesdreping i Fett

A new issue of the Norwegian feminist magazine Fett is out today on the International Women’s Day. The issue looks really great with lots of good feminist stuff. I am honored to have a new column in this great feminist magazine, and my first text is a self study course in how-to-become-a-queer-feminist-killjoy entitled, “Selvstudiekurs i queerfeministisk gledesdreping”.

The text is written in homage to feminists who have learned me about the importance of ‘killing joy’: Sara Ahmed, Audre Lorde and Jamaica Kincaid – heroines of mine that I want to propagate in every way I can. If one could just have a little bit of their fierceness, wit, and intelligence, then things would be much better. I hope you all have a great and angry March 8!

Tilbake til fremtiden

I have an article in the new issue of Vagant entitled “Tilbake til fremtiden” (Back to the future) dealing with the situation of queer theory, gender studies and critical thinking more broadly in the context of Norwegian public debate.

The text is a reworked version of the talk I gave in Oslo in November, and a large part of the text is a reading of public debate following the TV show “Hjernevask” (Brainwash) that, in short, attempted to disarticulate and kill off gender studies and queer theory…

There is an interview with me in today’s issue of Klassekampen about the article – read it online here. Vagant will be released on Wednesday March 9.

Temporal Drag

The fantastic artist duo Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz has just released a new book about their work entitled Temporal Drag (Hatje Cantz, 2011). The book includes articles and documentation of their collaboration – covering material on works like Normal Work (2007), N.O. Body (2008), Salomania (2009), and Contagious (2010).

I’m really happy that my article “Disruptive Anachronisms: Feeling Historical with N.O. Body” is included in this beautiful book, where it stands side by side with essays by among others the fantastic queer theorist Elizabeth Freeman, queer film theorist Marc Siegel, and art theorist/writer Diedrich Diederichsen. The book also includes a conversation with the artist by the great artist-curator Andrea Thal. For those who prefer reading things in French, all texts are translated.

Read more on the artists’ homepage, or buy the book at Hatje Cantz, Amazon, or elsewhere.