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Visiting Researcher at University of Southern California (2015-2016)

Trine Mee Sook, "Racial Representation" (2013)

Trine Mee Sook, Racial Representation (2013).

I am currently a Visiting Researcher at University of Southern California, Roski School of Art and Design in Los Angeles. My Postdoc grant from the Danish Independent Research Council has enabled me to take a sabbatical from my Assistant Professorship at University of Copenhagen to spend five months in LA – from August 2015 until January 2016 – to work on my project on the relationship between art, racialization, and colonial history in a Danish context, while also undertaking some research for other projects at the fabulous ONE National Lesbian & Gay Archives.

I will be giving a lecture from my ongoing project on Danish colonialism on September 8 at 6 pm in the USC Roski lecture series. The lecture takes place in the Graduate Fine Arts Building (IFT) on 3001 S Flower Street at 30th, and it is open for all who are interested. Here is my abstract:

Mathias Danbolt, USC Roski, September 8, 2015
Sticky Images, Sticky Histories: Art, Colonial Aesthetics, and Racialized Affective Consumption
This lecture takes its starting point in works by contemporary artists Jeannette Ehlers and Trine Mee Sook that address the significant presence of racial stereotypes on the labels of popular food products in supermarkets in Denmark today. Despite the fact that these racial stereotypes can be found on products known in Danish as “kolonialvarer” (colonial commodities)––coffee, cocoa, spices, sweets, alcohol––these images are seldom understood to have any relation to Denmark’s centuries-long history as a colonial power in India, Ghana, and the Caribbean. Through a discussion of the selective memory of colonialism in Danish public culture, the lecture analyzes how the collective attachment to racial stereotypes takes the form of what could be termed a racialized affective consumption. By drawing attention to the central role that consumption––buying as well as eating––plays in the affective work the stereotypes perform in domestic Danish culture, the lecture suggests the importance of analyzing how racialization informs the understanding of pleasure and taste in a Danish context.

Conversations – a new project by FRANK


Growing Sideways:
From Interview to Conversation

Mathias Danbolt in dialogue with
J. Jack Halberstam
Douglas Crimp
Gavin Butt
Judith Butler
Renate Lorenz & Elizabeth Freeman
Ester Fleckner

Conversations is a new series of online distributed dialogues and interviews. The first collection of Conversations marks that art theorist Mathias Danbolt joined FRANK, a queer feminist platform run by Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle since 2012.

In 2013, a Norwegian arts magazine invited FRANK to interview Danbolt about his PhD dissertation Touching History: Art, Performance, and Politics in Queer Times. The interview quickly turned into a conversation – one that continued beyond the pages of the magazine. With Conversations FRANK seeks to create a structure for instigating new dialogues of this kind – dialogues that unfold across and between different aesthetic, theoretical, historical, and political positions.

Conversations continues FRANK’s long-term work on creating platforms for exchanges and discussions on the politics of art, gender, sexuality, and racialization. The conversations published here builds a bridge between Danbolt’s project Trikster–Nordic Queer Journal (2008-2010) and FRANK, by presenting a selection of his previous interviews, alongside unpublished and new dialogues. Triksterwas an early inspiration to FRANK, with its aspiration to nurture a critical discourse on queer feminist art and politics. Now this aspiration has found a new framework, in the form of Conversations.

Conversations can be downloaded here.

The project will be launched on May 18 at 7 pm at
Archive Kabinett. There will be a public reading
from a selection of the Conversations together with
Renate Lorenz and Ester Fleckner.

Archive Books
Dieffenbachstraße 31
10967 Berlin

FRANK is an Oslo based platform, established to nurture art and critical discourse revolving around gender, desire and sexuality. The platform operates in different locations and with various co-curators. Our aim is to build a community and create discussions that address hegemonic structures in society.

Since 2012, the artists Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle have run FRANK. The art historian and queer critic Mathias Danbolt joined FRANK in 2015.

New publications


“Dormancy: Notes on Sleep, Criticality, and the Poetics of Suspension in and around Henriette Heise’s Darkness Machines,” in Not Now! Now! Chronopolitics, Art & Research, ed. Renate Lorenz (Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2014), 136-161.

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“Gleichzeitig: Queere Politiken – alles auf einmal”, in Un/verblümt: Queere Politiken in Ästhetik und Theorie, eds. Josch Hoenes & Barbara Paul (Berlin: Revolver Publishing, 2014), 54-73.

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Contributions to the research blog Peculiar.dk.

More on new publications, articles, and lectures, see my work page at University of Copenhagen.